Worlds within our world

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Worlds within our world


I am being shown vast worlds within our world.

Little examples I see in my mind’s eye.

I am being shown a vision of many trees with their deep root systems, they are all interconnected by fungus and the earth that they are anchored in. Anchored in mother Earth.

In the skies above there are endless changes, clouds form and dissipate, Air currents swirl, storms form moving across the earth and then fade away, warmer air and cooler air swirling and exchanging places. Water becomes vapor, becomes ice, becomes liquid flowing on and below ground, becomes ice. Anchored on Mother Earth.

So many creatures claim the skies as part of their world, birds, flying mammals, and the plant kingdom as well as the insect Kingdom have members that use the sky to disperse and travel. They live on the ground, under the ground, up in the trees, and fly in the air. Anchored on Mother Earth.

The vast world under the ocean under the waters of the world. Under the water you are in a totally different environment, foreign to humans who are used to breathing and moving around in air. Water, liquid thicker than air, full of creatures that float swim live on the bottom this is their world, this is the mother earth that they know. They are of very different body types, perfectly adapted to moving and floating in liquid. Anchored on mother earth.

Even on the ground as we look much more closely, from the insects point of view, we are shown a whole different world. From our point of view very small and easily overlooked due mostly as deemed unimportant. But from an insect’s point of view, This is a huge world of its own. Anchored on Mother earth.

As we can allow our perceptions to expand, we are shown great worlds, vast worlds that we were previously not even aware of.

In these revelations, we are invited into great new insights, that we are connected and part of all things, there is endless invitations to rediscover our inner child, that Sacred child that is in direct communication with Source. There is magic to be discovered.

As we choose to see through our inner divine child’s eyes, we are able to remember knowing how we are part of all things and all things are part of us. We are shown that our original essence is unconditional love. This unconditional love is a powerful force, unlimited, gentle, non-judging, expanding, and unifying.

As we open to, and explore this endlessly unfolding journey, this amazing adventure, Full of limitless discoveries, insights, beautiful a-ha moments, we build a foundation where are our authentic selves can take root and bloom.

June 8, 2021

Mary Jones

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