Who is MaMo?

MaMo – Marnik Moenaert – eNeLPee

MaMo, Marnik Moenaert

°09-03-1969, Roeselare, Belgium

The central theme in the life of Marnik Moenaert (MaMo) is dedicated to raising awareness. As a child, Marnik feels that he is ” different”, that he has a message to deliver, only he can not post what is going on. Through discipline, hard work – supported by music on radio and TV – by trial and error, he learns in his own way to express himself & get balance in that yet so different society.

It fascinates & inspires him to study people, to see them moving on their own & among themselves. This interest resulted in his higher studies as a Physio- & Respiratory Therapist.

Is it a coincidence that the word “inspiration” actually means “inhale”?

After his studies, Marnik learns to spread his wings in the world of communication through various sales and managerial positions. After a commercial career of more than 25 years of hard work, he says goodbye to this horizontal world of numbers & budgets in the belief that people are the most important capital in a company. MaMo decides to return to that vertical way of life again, to work from the heart from now on.

Out of his love for the artist through music, dance & art and that vertical connection he feels with artists through their message through their work, MaMo is now on the road as Holistic Coach of artists to support them in searching & recovering their love & self-esteem, so they can relive meaning and continue to grow as a person.

In addition, it becomes clear for MaMo “what dream has him”. Not only is he committed to charity & he also brings his message of awareness & creation to the broad audience through writings, workshops & lectures, he comes to the realization that“our youth = thé future” and MaMo wants to unconditionally help them to achieve their full potential.