Who is MaMo?

MaMo – Marnik Moenaert – eNeLPee

MaMo, Marnik Moenaert

°09-03-1969, Roeselare, Belgium

The Central theme in the life of the MaMo is the movement. Already in his childhood he was moved by music on the radio and TV. Both the lyrics, the melody and the groove inspired him at a young age and also later to open himself through singing and dancing to the world.

It also still fascinates him to see people interact in their communication. The interest in the human being resulted in his bachelor’s degree as a Movement & Respiratory therapist.

Is it a coincidence that the word “inspiration” actually means “to inhale”?

After his studies, MaMo gets into communication through various sales and management positions and after a professional career of more than 25 years, he says goodbye to the world of numbers and budgets believing that people are the most important capital in an enterprise.

From his love of pop music and the connection he feels with artists through the message of their song, he is now as a Holistic Coach on the path to support artists in searching and finding their self-love and self-respect, so that they can relive the meaning in their lives and can continue to grow as a person.

Apart from his self-love and self-respect, MaMo puts his message to the general public in writing as well as through workshops and lectures.