Who is MaMo?

MaMo – Marnik Moenaert – eNeLPee

MaMo, Marnik Moenaert

°09-03-1969, Roeselare, Belgium

The central theme in my life is ” raising awareness “. As a child I feel that I am “different”, that I have a message to deliver, only I cannot post what is going on. Through discipline, hard work – supported by music on radio and TV – I learn by trial & error in my way to express myself & get balance in that yet so different society.

It fascinates & inspires me to study people, to see them in ” motion ” on their own & among each other. This interest resulted in my higher studies as a Physio- & Respiratory Therapist.

Is it a coincidence that the word “inspiration” actually means “inhale”?

After these studies I learned to spread my wings in the world of communication through various sales and management positions. After a commercial career of more than 25 years of hard work, I say goodbye to this horizontal world of numbers & budgets in the belief that people are the most important capital in a company. I decide anew to be from thé vertical , to work from the heart from now on.

From my love for the artistic through music , dance and art and that vertical connection I feel with artists through their message through their work, I am now on the road as a Holistic Coach to support all kinds of artists in seeking & finding love & respect for themselves, so that they can regain that meaning in their lives. experience life and continue to grow as a person.

In addition, it becomes clear to me which dream has me: “fighting for/liberating our youth”. I come to the realization that ” our youth is thé future ” and hold unconditional space for them, so that they can reach their full potential: #ouryouththéfuture

I , MaMo, I am in essence, I AM and more words should not be added to that… For those who attach importance to a few more words, “Marnik Moenaert ” is the name I wear and the following words may resonate with you, or not :

  • free child, apprentice wizard/warrior/liberator by & for our youth, captain, chairman, coach, clairsentient, …
  • helmsman of the ABC center, a house on the move (Ark for Consciousness & Creation) in Ghent, where my colleagues and I work together from heart-to-heart
  • facilitator (coach, consultant, …) for artists, youth & their supervisors, light workers, … through clear-feeling energetic work via body, soul & mind ( NLP , Hypnotic Trance , Holistic Coaching, …)
  • lecturer of energetic consciousness
  • nonduaal biodynamisch practitioner in the teachings of love (craniosacral therapy & …)
  • chairman non-profit organization Arduinbos, in Geraardsbergen, with the aim of facilitating our youth (as well as their supervisors) who are the future
  • … and the rest you can fill in yourself…