What is eNeLPee?

eNeLPee is about artists & our youth. More information about the logo & NLP itself can be found in the blog https://enelpee.be/the-color-purple/


Artists are by nature often very beautiful & creative souls, who put their heart & soul into their music, dance, acting performance, artwork, … and that is hugely liberating.

Due to the increasing pressure of their success by, among other things, the media and the often artificial environment in which they are living, they occasionally unwittingly end up in a period of less creativity and/or even disgruntled in the match of their personality with their being. This can result in loneliness, stress due to high workload, fatigue (overtiredness) by following their social media, (financial) uncertainty, feeling undervalued, … and can even lead to depression.

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Although their work & emotions are strongly linked, mental health remains taboo within ‘the industry’. The artist often feels different and/or trapped. Their fear is often too great to talk about this with their loved one or to consult a doctor. Occasionally they self-medicate and/or take alcohol or drugs, which are still considered “cool” by many of them.

Free your mind & the rest will follow …

From the vertical being and the understanding & love for their situation, MaMo is inspired to support artists in the search & retrieval of their essence.

MaMo guidesyou as an artist to your goal. We define what you want & examine how you will know that you will have achieved it.

MaMo coaches you in your change process in a holistic way: body, mind & soul. Under his guidance, you will re-establish your growth process, you will learn again what you need from within yourself, so that you will once again be able to experiencethe necessary freedom & unity.

O U R – Y O U T H, – T H É – F U T U R E

From his experience as a child to feel different and later to be chosen as a parent by “2 beautiful souls who call him father”, MaMo wants to help youth unconditionally to reach their full potential.

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MaMo believes that as a parent we can learn more from our children than we think and that they are the link for a better future. A future of awareness & creation from that purity from which our conscious young(er) person comes into our world.

“from hard work

to work from the heart”

That is why MaMo and a number of like-minded people are setting up a platform for them that will support them both in the education system and in their immediate environment.

This by creating space to learn to feed their inner core better, to be able to get in touch with their real truth even more, so that they become even more self-aware and start expressing this unconsciously to others around them and therefore also to us as a parent.

Some of the themes that are discussed here include:

° Self-love & Self-esteem

° Creativity & Acceptance

° Ecology & Subconscious