What is eNeLPee?

Artists are often very beautiful and creative souls by nature.

Because of the increasing pressure due to their success, by, among others, the media and the often artificial environment they find their selves in, they get, occasionally unintentionally into a period of lesser creativity and/or even displeased with the match of their personality with their being.

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From the love of popular music and the message that artists bring to the world through their music, MaMo is inspired to support them in searching and finding their essence again.

MaMo will guide you from his self-love and self-esteem to your goal. You are going to define exactly what you want and you check how you will know that you will have achieved that. MaMo Coaches you in your process of change in a holistic way. You are moving your growth process under his guidance, so that you will eventually be able to experience the necessary freedom and unity again.

Some of the themes that are discussed here include:

° Self-love & Self-esteem

° Creativity & Acceptance

° Ecology & Subconscious