Vision and Mission


To bring awareness & creativity through the message of self -love and self-respect :

♥♥♥ map the project “our youth, thé future” within & beyond our national borders. This by creating a platform that supports youth in the education system & their immediate environment in achieving their full potential ::

  • national: #onzejeugddétoekomst via non-profit organization Arduinbos,
  • international: #ouryouththéfuture through collaboration with artists, light workers, … such as Mary Jones

♥♥ reach the general public through own publications, workshops & training courses in collaboration with like-minded people:

♥ coaching artists, youth & their supervisors, light workers, …


“Love yourself and you will be loved”

In the style “Change the world, start with yourself”, the message of eNeLPee is the message of love & respect of people for themselves and through the connection with others .

eNeLPee can make humanity aware so that they can “re-find themselves” through the right way of acceptance, thereby allowing their creativity. MaMo can inspire people to set in motion a process of change for themselves that contributes to the growth of their personal development, so that they can lead themselves to an unprecedented freedom and unity, one with the Universe.

1 of the Universal Laws is the Law of attraction:

“What you send out, you attract”

Could that be, or not? What do you think?

eNeLpee is also convinced that our future lies with our children.

If we can change our world, it will help us grasp our younger generations . Everything starts with our own ecology as a person: “Who am I, what do I need, what is needed?”. These are questions that we don’t deal with in today’s society, as we are too preoccupied living for the approval of others.

“Everyone is drawn from the same clay, just baked differently”

MaMo has no dream, the dream has got him, he can make humanity aware that they can “re-find themselves” through the right way of acceptance and thereby allowing their creativity. He can inspire you to start a change process for yourself to set in motion that contributes to the growth of your personal development, so that you can lead yourself to an unprecedented freedom , creativity and unity .