Vision and Mission


MaMo wants to bring the message of self love and self-esteem:

From micro to macro on national level by

  • Organising workshops in creativity and self-love in collaboration with non-profit organisations
  • holistic coaching of pop artists
  • publish his own book in the English language
  • helping to provide international support through charity

from macro to micro on international level by

  • bringing his message to international events as a guest speaker
  • helping to provide national support through charity


In the style of “If you want to change the world, start with yourself first”, the message of MaMo from LOVE & RESPECT of humans for their selves is:

“Love yourself and you will be loved”

MaMo wants humanity to be aware that they can find themselves “again” by the proper way of acceptance and thereby allowing their creativity. He wants to inspire them to initiate a change process for themselves that contributes to the growth of their personal development, so that they can lead themselves to unprecedented freedom and unity.