The heart is my guru.

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The heart is my guru.


We think that hate is the opposite of love.

When we hate, we still love.

When we fear, we are no longer love.

Michelle L. Karén

When I ask someone, “What do you think is the opposite of LOVE?”, I mostly get the answer: “HATE”.

Is this really true?

Maybe this is the case in our heads, since it was programmed that way.

However, when I sink out of my head to my heart – and according to the Sioux, that’s the longest journey you’ll make in your life – I feel what Michelle Karén says:

  • “We think hate is the opposite of love.”
  • “When we hate, we still love.”
  • “When we have fear, we are no longer love.”

In other words, it is very difficult to feel love when you are afraid.

Science shows that our heart:

  • is actually not bound by the concept of time & space
  • perceives everything (= energy with information) before our brain and then our body react to it
  • transmits a flow of information to the brain, that brain reacts and transmits the flow to the body that will also react in itself (gut feeling, goose bumps, …)

However, when there is fear, the heart – spiritually called “the seat of the soul” – starts to behave completely differently:

  • our heart rhythm becomes incoherent & irregular
  • the already present accumulation of small “energy bubblesare blocked
    • energy bubbles are unprocessed energy patterns (emotional wounds) from the past that we have stored in our hearts over time
    • they cost us energy and hinder the flow of our life force
    • we tend to cling to this because we … strangely enough, we are so fond of this…
  • a noise is created in our flow of information with the result that even our intuitive signals are drowned out
  • the heart closes

Our heart really wants nothing but to grow and every time you close it through fear, let it pack through fear, then it wants more and more love, as a muscle starts to build up more and more volume & strength. So the more you close it, the greater the pressure becomes, as everything around you starts to fill up and you allow existence to eventually “break” you. You become so blocked that you completely blow or close yourself up (totally overwrought or burned out).

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In our society, which is mainly focused on consumption, we are all glued in/ to the patterns that are aimed at wanting/getting (to be right -,…), worry and… Yes, fear.

Our society is driven by fear. Look at the news and you see fear all over the world that dominates our society: violence on the streets, anger, rage, resentment, rancor, …

It seems like all people suffer from a disease called fear. A disease with symptoms of different emotions that make people suffer: anger, hatred, envy, betrayal, jealousy, …

And how do we solve that suffering, how do we cure that disease?

Facing the truth and ripping open our emotional wounds, removing the poison and then healing the wounds, a Dr. Pimple-Popper option, right? ?

Of course, if you open your heart, to loosen these bubbles & then let them dissolve, emotion will come off and on the one hand there is a good chance that you will get hurt, feel betrayed, your trust will be betrayed, …

On the other hand, I experience that when I close my heart, I don’t live my life. I have a life to live and that from the place that gives me the answers, my heart.

By forgiving those who have done us harm, and that does not mean that you condone their behavior – not because they deserve it, but because we love ourselves so much, we will no longer want to be victims of the injustice done. Forgiveness is the only way to heal.

Forgiveness out of compassion towards yourself is all you need to free yourself from the energy blockages that arise from your resentment. Then you say:

“Now it’s enough, I’m no longer the victim.

“I no longer scourge & abuse myself.”

Forgive your parents, brothers and/or sisters, your friends,and God. Since you are ultimately your Divine Self, by forgiving God you will forgive Yourself, the self-rejection in your mind stops & gives way to self-acceptance. The love for yourself will become so strong that you can finally accept yourself as you are, and love(ly) is who/what you are.

I notice by doing my best to communicate with others from the heart under all circumstances, I avoid a lot of self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.

I choose to take responsibility for my communication and also feel in my heart that I am not responsible for the emotions, thoughts, … that provokes my communication with others.

That makes me do my best – I love my perfect imperfections – just say what I mean, not to take things personally and not to assume (take some distance and look objectively) and use the power of my word towards truth and love.

We are so easily provoked in our heads by the behavior of others (not to mention ourselves). Therefore, let yourself and others know that when you or they are ready to talk from their hearts, you are ready to talk to them.

“The heart is who you are, the heart defines you.”

Don’t deny your pain – what you deny is getting stronger, and don’t drown in it.

If you live from your heart, you put that out and pull it back on like a magnet.

♥ My heart is my teacher ♥

I do my best to listen to it and learn something from it, remember… ?

The heart is my guru ♥

Lots of love,

Marnik Moenaert


Mary Jones

February 23, 2021at 12:32 pm

This is beautifully written from the Heart in a way that the Heart understands. ??

    Marnik Moenaert

    February 25, 2021at 5:05 pm

    ? Thank you so much Mary
    ?& blessings,

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