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“Home is where the heart is.”

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What I’m writing now, I can and need not explain, words don’t do this justice, you must have felt, felt with all your heart.

Feel with all your heart?

there we go again with that spiritual ‘mumbo-jumbo’
or is it something different this time!?

And yet – yes, you’re still reading ? – I’d like to invite you to let everything that’s working in your head right now, drop down into that chest of yours, in your heart.

Take a few deep breaths through your heart.

mountain crystal hearts pink

With every inhalation take back all your energy (thoughts, … that still hangs around everywhere with others). You could say,“I’ll collect me up from wherever I left myself.” As you exhale, you send all the energy from others (that sticks to you) from your body back to them. You don’t have to stick faces on this, there’s no good or bad, keep your focus in your heart.

Brrrrr !!! Already had a few fresh chills, or not. Everything is OK. This is neither good nor bad, plenty or little, less or more, full or empty, … just…

an opportunity to walk more in Wholeness here in this lifetime on Earth

I promise that I will do my best to explain the inexplicable, and I trust you will understand it a little better when you experience it with an open heart.

Here we go!

As a light or energy worker I have been blessed by being connected & working with a lot of beautiful energy, including Mary Jones from California.

The Universe has recently

“by chance” brought us together

Or not?

Mary, soul friend & fellow lightworker, has a special gift that is “different“, out of this world. It may sound a bit strange and yet it’s like coming home to a place that’s so different and yet so well known.

M.J. enjoys international fame offering Heartsong ((vibrational healing modality) in the form of Concerts, Private Sessions and beautiful CDs. . More info can be found on the link at the very bottom. .

What makes her so special is the way she follows her heart & at the same time keeps in touch with her inner child, making her a representative of hope, new beginnings, transformations and miracles. Our friend Jung would speak of the Divine Child here, I see it as…

an opportunity to walk more in Wholeness here in this lifetime on Earth

That’s what Mary does for me.

Throughout her singing & channeling she works as an intermediary to purify & open your heart. A unique mix of energy therapy, interwoven with singing & channeling.

Intermediary? Indeed, our only true original language is that of love(vibration), light, energy, inexplicable in words and transcending all definitions. This sacred language is best understood when experienced.

Feel free to breathe in/out deep a few more times


stay focused with your heart

or not

If you listen with your heart wide open, you get “attunements” that manifest as events that inspire and evoke both joy and peace.

You are gifted with the experience of the resonance with our Higher Self, that part of your soul (= super-conscious mind) that is not present in your body, an aspect of yourself in a higher dimension, your source of love, your divine perfection.

Are you still there?

Don’t forget to breathe.


Well, our cells are allowed to remembertheir divine perfection.

Hearing with your ♥ is the key.

When you open up to the possibility of receiving thru your heart, you are able to obtain knowledge more directly. This knowledge bypasses the limited confines of language.

Freed from the trappings of limiting definitions and concepts, as well as the coloration of any perceptions (we choose as we grew up in this lifetime), we find ourselves reconnecting at Soul level with information that enables us to become who we truly are

a opportunity to walk more in Wholeness this lifetime on Earth

To know a thing without guessing, rationalizing, explaining or defining is exquisite.

With each new discovery, as we receive a message of our true selves in our original language of light, vibration and resonance, it is inherent with joy & bliss.

Pre-Earth memories are awakened. We are expanded as we have a glimpse of the limitless vastness of all that exists on the other side of the veil.

Our memory is awakened of how dearly loved we are, and that we are all one.

Stop! Now you may want to know:

What’s happening?”.

Well, experiences vary widely. Each Heartsong is a unique experience, as it resonates with what is present in you at that moment. that which wants to be released, healed, transformed in you.

Mary acts as a guide and “space” holder in this process. With her voice and presence, M.J. creates a safe space in which she guides your process.

What happens in that space varies widely, from deep relaxation,, opening & aligning the Heart & Crown Chakras, DNA downloads, wakening of cellular memory, activation of the light body, physical healings, past lives healings, messages that people can understand but no word-for-word translation..

However, what everyone can confirm, is a deep sense of blessing, relaxation & peace.

What did it do to me?

I myself have had the privilege of experiencing a private Heartsong session through Mary and words fail me.

As a light worker, my message to myself is not to judge or condemn others and to be in unconditional love for them during their trial. I also experience that unconditional love for myself through the connection with the other. And if I’m mild enough for myself, I’m happy to admit that this remains a “work in progress” for the rest of my path in this lifetime.

Mary brought me into such deep contact with myself during my Heartsong session -perhaps for the first time in my life- something I’ve never experienced before. What Mary does is so new & innovative, different – as I am- and at the same time it seems so familiar, so naturally. What was once lost or withered along the way is completely back and recognizable, ready to be deployed.

It’s coming home on a completely different level, in different dimension:

“Home is where the heart is.”

I recommend it to everyone, especially my fellow lightworkers, as it will help them to make their light shine even purer. And brrrrr… It’s refreshing, that light ?

Mary, thank you from my ♥ for this wonderful experience; “You are another breath of fresh air in my life.”

Grateful & blessed,


Ghent, 8 May 2020