Self-love & Self-esteem

Self-love & Self-esteem


Do I have a life of my own? How much of my time on earth do I live for the approval of others?

What do I like? What am I good at and how much time do I spend on it? How long has it been since I did something nice for myself, just for me?

What makes me so stressed? Why do I worry so much? Why am I so lost in thought and do I occasionally get unwanted feelings of guilt?


As of today I am there for myself“. I invite you to close your eyes and say this out loud to yourself a number of times. Move your thinking to your heart and observe what it does to you?

It’s OK to love myself & respect my own values. I can believe in myself and stand up for this. It’s OK to follow my heart & intuition.

Am I selfish and/or narcissistic if I love & respect myself?

What do you feel ? If you’re convinced you’re worth it, what will happen around you? Will it give your life direction again, or not?


NOT so much! All the answers are already inside yourself and this wisdom is unique.

Could it be that you’re deliberately keeping the door closed to your answers, or not ?

What eNeLPee IS doing, is guide you in your process of “gaining access”, in searching & finding what you need to give thé right direction to your life.

So you will not be coming for a “pill” or a “treatment”, you do come to open that door to yourself in a way that only you can, so that you can give your life back the direction it deserves.

Your answers will again be learning you to learn to deal with your intuitionHelp you to be stonger in life, and better getting to know and setting limits to your boundaries..

During this process of “access” a lot of energy is moving. The techniques for the guidance of this energy are therefore scientifically supported & are used in a loving & respectful way in mutual consent, mainly through the spoken word (see section coaching … )