Self love & Self-esteem

Self love & Self-esteem

Do you ask yourself these questions?

Do I have a life of my own? How much of my time on earth do I live for approval of others?

What do I like? What am I good at and how much time do I spend on it? How long has it been since I still did something nice for myself, just for me?

What makes me so much stress? Why do I worry so much? Why am I so lost in thought and why do I occasionally get unwanted feelings of guilt?

Well, I have news for you!

It is okay to be aware that you can be there for yourself.

It is okay that you love yourself, respect your values and that you stand up for yourself, that you follow your heart and intuition.

Self love and self-respect are NOT equal to selfishness and/or narcissism!

Once you are convinced that you are worthwhile, your environment will automatically begin to adapt and your life will get the right direction that it deserves.

What can eNeLPee do for you?

eNeLPee can help you gain access to answers from the unconscious that you knowingly block and help you find what you need to give the right direction to your life. It can teach you how to handle your intuition, help you to be stronger in life and get to know your boundaries better and indicate them.

All the techniques used for this are scientifically supported and are made clear in a loving and respectful manner and applied with mutual consent, essentially this goes through the spoken word. The basis of this is explained in the section coaching…