Reading is for MaMo as a kind of fitness for the mind.

It improves your memory and focus, it increases your ability to concentrate and it is ultimately stress reducing.

Reading is for MaMo, who also likes to write, a way to become more creative. By reading he daily gains new ideas and learns to discover new worlds.

The absolute preference of MaMo goes to scientific literature on self-realization.

To get an idea, which books are currently finding their Way to MaMo, you’ll get an overview in the Books section.

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We should all be feminists.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adich

ISBN 9789023443322

Anchor Books, New York – 52 pages

Boundaries in Human Relationships.


How to be Separate and Connected

Anné Linden

ISBN 9781845900762

De vierde dimensie.

de vierde dimensie werkboek


ISBN 9789079677320

Hans Peter Roel

De vierde dimensie.

de vierde dimensie

Toeval bestaat niet

Hans Peter Roel

ISBN 9789079677238

Overlevingsgids voor hoogsensitieve personen.

Overlevingsgids voor hoogsensitieve personen

Tedd Zeff

ISBN 9789069638805

The Artist’s Way.

The artist's way

A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self.

Julia Cameron

978-1-5098-2947-7 Macmillan, 2016



An introduction to NLP

Anné Linden

ISBN 9781845900861