Free your BODY & SOUL and your MIND will follow…”

Each of us suffers from old patterns and limiting beliefs attached to those patterns.

Apart from that, when you as an artist are under stress / pressure, emotionally out of balance, you are feeling less energetic, energy blockages start to pile up in your body.

In addition to coaching (mind), eNeLPee also works on body & soul.

Marnik Moenaert additionally treats artists by means of body-work via APP, The Ancient Patterns Program. In addition MaMo is blessed working with Mary Jones who does soul-work via Heartsong Light Language Transmissions.




MaMo is not only a Holistic coach, but also a respiratory– and physiotherapist. From his experience with energy he has developed the APP-method in combination with breathing– & body excercises.

APP = Ancient Patterns Program. Through bodywork we are going to loosen your old patterns, dissolve & re-program them in new & useful (re-)source material, wishes & desires that you want.

The loosening and dissolving we do through breathing exercises incombination with our vocal cords, eyes, muscles, joints, organs , … in other words there, where the associated blockages are present in your body..

The re-programming is done by working with our conscious & unconscious mind through visualization– & installation techniques, scientifically supported.

The PROGRAM consists of:

  • 1 coaching-session of 1.5-hours , energetic
    • INTAKE conversation
      • determination of the
        • old patterns
        • associated limiting beliefs
      • at least 2 weeks before BW-session
    • BREEFING: preparing for BW-session
      • explanation B-M-S questionnaire*
      • preparatory exercises
  • 1 BW-session of 3-hours , BODYWORK-supported by T-F-M***
    • Loosening
    • dissolving
    • re-programming
  • 1 EVALUATION-session of 1.5 hours
    • evaluation & adjustment
    • at least 6 weeks after BW-session

(*) B-M-S = home questionnaire with specific energetic questions about The Artist’s BODY-MIND-SOUL-preparation for BODYWORK

(**) T-F-M (=TRANS-FIGURA METHOD)) = a gentle & relaxing energetic METHOD that works all the way to the cell. When loosening old patterns, there is a possibility that the released energy can provoke the re-experience of trauma. During the BODYWORK session, a T-F-M-specialist is present to send that released energy to the heart, so that it can be integrated there.


The effect you experience during & in subsequent weeks after the program is a strengthening of your vertical being as an artist, an transcendabove your personal limits. That is expressed in a:

  • higher obtained awareness and balance on physical, mentally as spiritual level: you will even more aware of life & your spiritual traditional values (love, gratitude, …) and will experience that more intense
  • greater self-confidence
  • learn to deal better with the essence of your life force (chi, life breath).




Mary Jones is internationally known as singer in Light Languages & energy worker on a multidimensional level. She has been traveling the world since 2008 offering her soul-work through Heartsong in the form of Concerts, (virtual) Private Sessions and wonderful CD’s.

You can contact Mary by email for questions or to schedule a session :


Mary Jones

While Mary sings in Light Languages, which temporarily change & adapt to you, she serves as a tool, witness & space holder for you in the form of multidimensional energy work.

Heartsong are divinely inspired forms of Light Languages, tones & overtones and energy work that encourage someone to calm the mind and take you on a journey in the heart for meditation, reflection, relaxation and self-healing.

Heartsong is a multidimensional carrier for communication with the Divine and unlocks cellular memory. This is an invitation to come through the Heart into the Holy Space and come together in Communion with the Source.

Heartsong is a co-creation of sacred space between you, with Source/God/Holy Spirit & Your Higher Self with a invitation to open your heart to information and multidimensional energetic transmissions that help with the balancing, self-healing, receiving energetic instruments & insights at all levels.

Here’s a presentation by Mary about the Heartsong-session:

S O U N D C L O U D . C O M

Do you want to get acquainted with Mary’s music: click below.