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To BE or not to BE.

Is it really the case that there is either light or darkness? Does darkness even exist?

My feeling is that we have been partially served this and that we have accepted it.

If I follow my feelings, then there is no darkness, rather un-light.

What do I mean by that?

Well light is always there, for we are light, love, energy, … (fill it in for yourself) with a Consciousness that is always on the move.

If we assume that “every-1” of us has a body(B), mind(M) & soul(S), it might be useful to consider how they interact with each other in order to better put the story in the “spot-light”.

I clearly say “every-1”,, since B-M-S have a constant influence on each other and we are all on the road in this Earthly life to that one: happiness, unconditional love, …

Let’s introduce our trio (B-M-S) metaphorically:

  • our physical body = a mobile phone
  • our Soul = our provider (e.g. Telenet, Proximus, …), the person who controls our body, i.e. our Body is the vehicle of our Soul.
  • our mind (= consciousness) = the operator (operator) of our mobile phone & our network, i.e. our mind controls our body and our soul, so our soul is the vehicle of our Spirit

Whatever happens, there is always energy, light & …

The soul is a lasting energy that is not lost when the body dies, it only “re-searches” another device, a more modern version ?.

In that respect, we cannot really talk about darkness at the soul level. The soul is always light, only during our journey on earth we learn to stand less and less in our light (because of beliefs, faith, education, environment, …) so that it is we who veil our light time and time again with another veil.

Imagine yourself in a dark room where you are pure light: the room is completely illuminated.

Imagine that time and time again you are veiling your light, not allowing yourself to stand in your power – for approving others or by the power that others wield over you- then your light continues to shine just as brightly, however, the more veils you wrap around it, the less light is released into the room.

Until when it’s dark and you’ve adjusted your way.

Then you speak more of light, because there is light under the veils, not of darkness. If you now become aware of this again and through trial & error you fall down & stand up again, time and time again, “de-enveloping” one veil around your lamp, then your light will again completely light up the room.

You could now be called “enlightenment” or “de-velopment”.

Literally and figuratively you become lighter (ballast, veils) by de-veloping or unwinding your veils and you are more and more in your power and that becomes clearly visible to you & your surroundings.

So, I only have to hope that we will get (nice) weather in the next few days instead of un-weather.

In any case, bad weather is a personal interpretation, such as inappropriate clothing for this.

And when weather and storm alternate, sunshine is always coming.





Thursday 8 October 2020

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