Holistic Coaching


Coaching (or life coaching) is a learning process, a process in which the coach is going to provoke and support the person being coached (customer, client, coachee, …) in an enthusiastic & inspiring way in learning, with the aim of developing inner strength and allowing creeping opportunities to flourish.

Which is characteristic of the process is that it’s rather future-and solution-oriented.

Coaching is an and… and… and – story, a combination and an interplay of a set of basic skills that the coach employs during the process, thus increasing the client’s climate of trust, openness and daring to take risks.

Coaching inspires people to broaden their perspective and develop a new look. Coaching creates creativity, new dynamism, ideas, a different way of approach and a new impetus.

Coaches understand that if you do not take control of your life, it will master you, based on arbitrary programs in the unconscious.

A coach helps his/her client take conscious control, step out of the herd, empower himself and learn to design their lives in a joyful and purposeful way.

Coaches help their customers to discover opportunities that otherwise exceed their wildest dreams.

In general, a coach is a partner who strives to help people develop and implement their goals.

The coach can function as a life coach, who focuses on all aspects of the life of the client.

A coach can also have a specialty, such as health, performance, business and so on.

H O L I S T I C – C O A C H I N G

Holistic or spiritual coaching is a powerful form of coaching that approximates every aspect of a person’s life -body, mind and soul- in relation to the whole.

It can help you reach your full potential, activate your spiritual strength and make transforming changes.

Yin Yan

Interestingly, most people go about life in an unconscious or half conscious way, on automatic pilot. They respond to events rather than create a conscious direction, and without a sense of the many ways in which everything is connected to the whole, their lives can easily get out of control.

A holistic/spiritual life coach is someone who is on the way to live a magical, balanced and satisfying life, working with others who want to do the same. He or she takes joy in the individuality of customers, listens attentively to help them discover their greatest joy and excitement, and motivates them to make their dreams come true.

This is spirituality at its best!

Holistic coaching involves the tuning of the spiritual journey, helping people to discover and embrace the grandeur of their true identity, in order to bring the spirit fully into shape.

Searching is an integral part of who we are. Whether we realize it or not, we are looking. Holistically oriented Spiritual coaching places life in the context of this quest, linking us to the divine wisdom of the soul as our guide.