Ecology & Subconscious

Ecology & Subconscious

Do you sometimes ask yourself the following?

What do I want?

What do I need?

What is needed?

Do I do things right or do I do the right things?

What are my priorities? How can I better organize myself? Am I not looking too far?

Why do I have always too little time?

Well, I have news for you!

The human brain only takes 1 of all the stimuli and the remaining 99 get into your unconscious.

We have the answers in us, but we do not always have access to it.

We are all full of contradictory beliefs that gives us unnecessary ballast.

What can eNeLPee do for you?

eNeLPee can help you understand how, in a very simple way, unconscious personal constraints can be transformed into conscious resources. It accompanies you in a process of educating yourself, in a direction that you may choose for the first time. It stimulates you in a mental, emotional and relational plane. It helps you with your body awareness and teaches you to manage your energy balance.

All the techniques used are scientifically supported and are made clear in a loving and respectful manner and applied with mutual consent, essentially this goes through the spoken word. The basis of this is explained in the section coaching…