Creativity & Acceptance

Creativity & Acceptance

Sometimes you wonder…

Why do you do things the way you do them?

Whether you have the right job?

Why haven’t you studied anything else?

What’s left of your hobbies from your childhood ? What’s all of it ‘ peeled off ‘ and why?

How would the world look like if we were to live in a world where nothing is hidden?

What it is now that pushes you every day?

Well, I have news for you!

We are born as human beings with a great gift that calls creativity. In the period between childhood and maturity, we are always told what and how we should do something and that we should do it. Why? Therefore!

School is the basis for this. Slowly our creativity is peeled off so we choose a job that is not that troublesome. We ultimately live the life that society expects from us instead of living for ourselves.

This is the reason why so many feel empty for their 30th and still feel that they have not given a direction to their lives. One starts to ask questions such as; “Who am I?”, “What do I love?”, “What am I good at?”, “What does the world need and what is my role in this?”,…

The performance pressure is so high in our society that no time and space is taken to think, brainstorm, experiment without judging. In today’s world the only way to distinguish yourself from the rest is by going against the flow, by relying on your creativity, by seeing solutions rather than problems.

Creativity has many powers. It makes your life fun, it gives you drive when you wake up every day, it pushes your passion forward, it connects the things you have lost sight of.

What can eNeLPee do for you?

eNeLPee guides you through the search for your password to restore your creativity, makes you clear how you function and communicate and offers you techniques to achieve your desired changes.

Acceptance of the emptiness plays a key role here. All the techniques used for this are scientifically supported and are made clear in a loving and respectful manner and applied with mutual consent. Essentially, this goes through the spoken word. The basis of this is explained in the section coaching…