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Worlds within our world


I am being shown vast worlds within our world.

Little examples I see in my mind’s eye.

I am being shown a vision of many trees with their deep root systems, they are all interconnected by fungus and the earth that they are anchored in. Anchored in mother Earth.

In the skies above there are endless changes, clouds form and dissipate, Air currents swirl, storms form moving across the earth and then fade away, warmer air and cooler air swirling and exchanging places. Water becomes vapor, becomes ice, becomes liquid flowing on and below ground, becomes ice. Anchored on Mother Earth.

So many creatures claim the skies as part of their world, birds, flying mammals, and the plant kingdom as well as the insect Kingdom have members that use the sky to disperse and travel. They live on the ground, under the ground, up in the trees, and fly in the air. Anchored on Mother Earth.

The vast world under the ocean under the waters of the world. Under the water you are in a totally different environment, foreign to humans who are used to breathing and moving around in air. Water, liquid thicker than air, full of creatures that float swim live on the bottom this is their world, this is the mother earth that they know. They are of very different body types, perfectly adapted to moving and floating in liquid. Anchored on mother earth.

Even on the ground as we look much more closely, from the insects point of view, we are shown a whole different world. From our point of view very small and easily overlooked due mostly as deemed unimportant. But from an insect’s point of view, This is a huge world of its own. Anchored on Mother earth.

As we can allow our perceptions to expand, we are shown great worlds, vast worlds that we were previously not even aware of.

In these revelations, we are invited into great new insights, that we are connected and part of all things, there is endless invitations to rediscover our inner child, that Sacred child that is in direct communication with Source. There is magic to be discovered.

As we choose to see through our inner divine child’s eyes, we are able to remember knowing how we are part of all things and all things are part of us. We are shown that our original essence is unconditional love. This unconditional love is a powerful force, unlimited, gentle, non-judging, expanding, and unifying.

As we open to, and explore this endlessly unfolding journey, this amazing adventure, Full of limitless discoveries, insights, beautiful a-ha moments, we build a foundation where are our authentic selves can take root and bloom.

June 8, 2021

Mary Jones

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The heart is my guru.


We think that hate is the opposite of love.

When we hate, we still love.

When we fear, we are no longer love.

Michelle L. Karén

When I ask someone, “What do you think is the opposite of LOVE?”, I mostly get the answer: “HATE”.

Is this really true?

Maybe this is the case in our heads, since it was programmed that way.

However, when I sink out of my head to my heart – and according to the Sioux, that’s the longest journey you’ll make in your life – I feel what Michelle Karén says:

  • “We think hate is the opposite of love.”
  • “When we hate, we still love.”
  • “When we have fear, we are no longer love.”

In other words, it is very difficult to feel love when you are afraid.

Science shows that our heart:

  • is actually not bound by the concept of time & space
  • perceives everything (= energy with information) before our brain and then our body react to it
  • transmits a flow of information to the brain, that brain reacts and transmits the flow to the body that will also react in itself (gut feeling, goose bumps, …)

However, when there is fear, the heart – spiritually called “the seat of the soul” – starts to behave completely differently:

  • our heart rhythm becomes incoherent & irregular
  • the already present accumulation of small “energy bubblesare blocked
    • energy bubbles are unprocessed energy patterns (emotional wounds) from the past that we have stored in our hearts over time
    • they cost us energy and hinder the flow of our life force
    • we tend to cling to this because we … strangely enough, we are so fond of this…
  • a noise is created in our flow of information with the result that even our intuitive signals are drowned out
  • the heart closes

Our heart really wants nothing but to grow and every time you close it through fear, let it pack through fear, then it wants more and more love, as a muscle starts to build up more and more volume & strength. So the more you close it, the greater the pressure becomes, as everything around you starts to fill up and you allow existence to eventually “break” you. You become so blocked that you completely blow or close yourself up (totally overwrought or burned out).

This image has an empty alt attribute; the file name is the heart-is-my-guru.jpg

In our society, which is mainly focused on consumption, we are all glued in/ to the patterns that are aimed at wanting/getting (to be right -,…), worry and… Yes, fear.

Our society is driven by fear. Look at the news and you see fear all over the world that dominates our society: violence on the streets, anger, rage, resentment, rancor, …

It seems like all people suffer from a disease called fear. A disease with symptoms of different emotions that make people suffer: anger, hatred, envy, betrayal, jealousy, …

And how do we solve that suffering, how do we cure that disease?

Facing the truth and ripping open our emotional wounds, removing the poison and then healing the wounds, a Dr. Pimple-Popper option, right? ?

Of course, if you open your heart, to loosen these bubbles & then let them dissolve, emotion will come off and on the one hand there is a good chance that you will get hurt, feel betrayed, your trust will be betrayed, …

On the other hand, I experience that when I close my heart, I don’t live my life. I have a life to live and that from the place that gives me the answers, my heart.

By forgiving those who have done us harm, and that does not mean that you condone their behavior – not because they deserve it, but because we love ourselves so much, we will no longer want to be victims of the injustice done. Forgiveness is the only way to heal.

Forgiveness out of compassion towards yourself is all you need to free yourself from the energy blockages that arise from your resentment. Then you say:

“Now it’s enough, I’m no longer the victim.

“I no longer scourge & abuse myself.”

Forgive your parents, brothers and/or sisters, your friends,and God. Since you are ultimately your Divine Self, by forgiving God you will forgive Yourself, the self-rejection in your mind stops & gives way to self-acceptance. The love for yourself will become so strong that you can finally accept yourself as you are, and love(ly) is who/what you are.

I notice by doing my best to communicate with others from the heart under all circumstances, I avoid a lot of self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.

I choose to take responsibility for my communication and also feel in my heart that I am not responsible for the emotions, thoughts, … that provokes my communication with others.

That makes me do my best – I love my perfect imperfections – just say what I mean, not to take things personally and not to assume (take some distance and look objectively) and use the power of my word towards truth and love.

We are so easily provoked in our heads by the behavior of others (not to mention ourselves). Therefore, let yourself and others know that when you or they are ready to talk from their hearts, you are ready to talk to them.

“The heart is who you are, the heart defines you.”

Don’t deny your pain – what you deny is getting stronger, and don’t drown in it.

If you live from your heart, you put that out and pull it back on like a magnet.

♥ My heart is my teacher ♥

I do my best to listen to it and learn something from it, remember… ?

The heart is my guru ♥

Lots of love,

Marnik Moenaert

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To BE or not to BE.

Is it really the case that there is either light or darkness? Does darkness even exist?

My feeling is that we have been partially served this and that we have accepted it.

If I follow my feelings, then there is no darkness, rather un-light.

What do I mean by that?

Well light is always there, for we are light, love, energy, … (fill it in for yourself) with a Consciousness that is always on the move.

If we assume that “every-1” of us has a body(B), mind(M) & soul(S), it might be useful to consider how they interact with each other in order to better put the story in the “spot-light”.

I clearly say “every-1”,, since B-M-S have a constant influence on each other and we are all on the road in this Earthly life to that one: happiness, unconditional love, …

Let’s introduce our trio (B-M-S) metaphorically:

  • our physical body = a mobile phone
  • our Soul = our provider (e.g. Telenet, Proximus, …), the person who controls our body, i.e. our Body is the vehicle of our Soul.
  • our mind (= consciousness) = the operator (operator) of our mobile phone & our network, i.e. our mind controls our body and our soul, so our soul is the vehicle of our Spirit

Whatever happens, there is always energy, light & …

The soul is a lasting energy that is not lost when the body dies, it only “re-searches” another device, a more modern version ?.

In that respect, we cannot really talk about darkness at the soul level. The soul is always light, only during our journey on earth we learn to stand less and less in our light (because of beliefs, faith, education, environment, …) so that it is we who veil our light time and time again with another veil.

Imagine yourself in a dark room where you are pure light: the room is completely illuminated.

Imagine that time and time again you are veiling your light, not allowing yourself to stand in your power – for approving others or by the power that others wield over you- then your light continues to shine just as brightly, however, the more veils you wrap around it, the less light is released into the room.

Until when it’s dark and you’ve adjusted your way.

Then you speak more of light, because there is light under the veils, not of darkness. If you now become aware of this again and through trial & error you fall down & stand up again, time and time again, “de-enveloping” one veil around your lamp, then your light will again completely light up the room.

You could now be called “enlightenment” or “de-velopment”.

Literally and figuratively you become lighter (ballast, veils) by de-veloping or unwinding your veils and you are more and more in your power and that becomes clearly visible to you & your surroundings.

So, I only have to hope that we will get (nice) weather in the next few days instead of un-weather.

In any case, bad weather is a personal interpretation, such as inappropriate clothing for this.

And when weather and storm alternate, sunshine is always coming.





Thursday 8 October 2020

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“Home is where the heart is.”

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What I’m writing now, I can and need not explain, words don’t do this justice, you must have felt, felt with all your heart.

Feel with all your heart?

there we go again with that spiritual ‘mumbo-jumbo’
or is it something different this time!?

And yet – yes, you’re still reading ? – I’d like to invite you to let everything that’s working in your head right now, drop down into that chest of yours, in your heart.

Take a few deep breaths through your heart.

mountain crystal hearts pink

With every inhalation take back all your energy (thoughts, … that still hangs around everywhere with others). You could say,“I’ll collect me up from wherever I left myself.” As you exhale, you send all the energy from others (that sticks to you) from your body back to them. You don’t have to stick faces on this, there’s no good or bad, keep your focus in your heart.

Brrrrr !!! Already had a few fresh chills, or not. Everything is OK. This is neither good nor bad, plenty or little, less or more, full or empty, … just…

an opportunity to walk more in Wholeness here in this lifetime on Earth

I promise that I will do my best to explain the inexplicable, and I trust you will understand it a little better when you experience it with an open heart.

Here we go!

As a light or energy worker I have been blessed by being connected & working with a lot of beautiful energy, including Mary Jones from California.

The Universe has recently

“by chance” brought us together

Or not?

Mary, soul friend & fellow lightworker, has a special gift that is “different“, out of this world. It may sound a bit strange and yet it’s like coming home to a place that’s so different and yet so well known.

M.J. enjoys international fame offering Heartsong ((vibrational healing modality) in the form of Concerts, Private Sessions and beautiful CDs. . More info can be found on the link at the very bottom. .

What makes her so special is the way she follows her heart & at the same time keeps in touch with her inner child, making her a representative of hope, new beginnings, transformations and miracles. Our friend Jung would speak of the Divine Child here, I see it as…

an opportunity to walk more in Wholeness here in this lifetime on Earth

That’s what Mary does for me.

Throughout her singing & channeling she works as an intermediary to purify & open your heart. A unique mix of energy therapy, interwoven with singing & channeling.

Intermediary? Indeed, our only true original language is that of love(vibration), light, energy, inexplicable in words and transcending all definitions. This sacred language is best understood when experienced.

Feel free to breathe in/out deep a few more times


stay focused with your heart

or not

If you listen with your heart wide open, you get “attunements” that manifest as events that inspire and evoke both joy and peace.

You are gifted with the experience of the resonance with our Higher Self, that part of your soul (= super-conscious mind) that is not present in your body, an aspect of yourself in a higher dimension, your source of love, your divine perfection.

Are you still there?

Don’t forget to breathe.


Well, our cells are allowed to remembertheir divine perfection.

Hearing with your ♥ is the key.

When you open up to the possibility of receiving thru your heart, you are able to obtain knowledge more directly. This knowledge bypasses the limited confines of language.

Freed from the trappings of limiting definitions and concepts, as well as the coloration of any perceptions (we choose as we grew up in this lifetime), we find ourselves reconnecting at Soul level with information that enables us to become who we truly are

a opportunity to walk more in Wholeness this lifetime on Earth

To know a thing without guessing, rationalizing, explaining or defining is exquisite.

With each new discovery, as we receive a message of our true selves in our original language of light, vibration and resonance, it is inherent with joy & bliss.

Pre-Earth memories are awakened. We are expanded as we have a glimpse of the limitless vastness of all that exists on the other side of the veil.

Our memory is awakened of how dearly loved we are, and that we are all one.

Stop! Now you may want to know:

What’s happening?”.

Well, experiences vary widely. Each Heartsong is a unique experience, as it resonates with what is present in you at that moment. that which wants to be released, healed, transformed in you.

Mary acts as a guide and “space” holder in this process. With her voice and presence, M.J. creates a safe space in which she guides your process.

What happens in that space varies widely, from deep relaxation,, opening & aligning the Heart & Crown Chakras, DNA downloads, wakening of cellular memory, activation of the light body, physical healings, past lives healings, messages that people can understand but no word-for-word translation..

However, what everyone can confirm, is a deep sense of blessing, relaxation & peace.

What did it do to me?

I myself have had the privilege of experiencing a private Heartsong session through Mary and words fail me.

As a light worker, my message to myself is not to judge or condemn others and to be in unconditional love for them during their trial. I also experience that unconditional love for myself through the connection with the other. And if I’m mild enough for myself, I’m happy to admit that this remains a “work in progress” for the rest of my path in this lifetime.

Mary brought me into such deep contact with myself during my Heartsong session -perhaps for the first time in my life- something I’ve never experienced before. What Mary does is so new & innovative, different – as I am- and at the same time it seems so familiar, so naturally. What was once lost or withered along the way is completely back and recognizable, ready to be deployed.

It’s coming home on a completely different level, in different dimension:

“Home is where the heart is.”

I recommend it to everyone, especially my fellow lightworkers, as it will help them to make their light shine even purer. And brrrrr… It’s refreshing, that light ?

Mary, thank you from my ♥ for this wonderful experience; “You are another breath of fresh air in my life.”

Grateful & blessed,


Ghent, 8 May 2020

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The Color Purple

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In my quest for my true self over the past few months, the color has been purple in all its variants – from lavender over violet, magenta, blue violet to indigo – already crossed my path several times.

Superstition…? It’s up to you…


The amethyst: this purple gemstone has found a place around my neck since a few months.

For me personally purple symbolizes my transmutation*. At this time that word won’t tell you much, I will come back to this in a moment.

Being fish as a constellation, this mineral contributes to the development of my crown chakra and my third eye (forehead chakra).

Yes you understand this clearly, the stone has an energetic effect.

Not only does it physically balance the nervous system and brain, it also makes the mind clear, so that alcohol and drugs have less a quick hold on you (not that that’s really a problem for me, or is it?).

On an emotional level, this stone gains you insights into the causes of behaviour and emotional patterns that lead to imbalance. This stone helps you to take your own responsibility and feel at home on earth (and in the meantime I manage this quite ‘worldly’).

And yes, all good things consist of three. Also on a spiritual level this stone has a great added value.

Oops, a too floating story for you? Hold on a little longer, or not.

Here we go…

This stone helps you see your own spiritual strength , it opens and purifies your third eye (one eye extra, handy, wouldn’t you think?). Therefore it gives a stimulus to the development of your clear abilities and intuition and also helps you to attune the physical reality to your spiritual purpose.


(*) Now it might be useful to tell you something about my transmutation. This is a shift from fear into love, knowing compassion and feeling the connection with your own heart, to give yourself grace. That ensures your contact with your self-esteem and self-esteem and gives you a sense of strength, dignity and determination.

I better explain this in my case.


At some point in my life, I began to feel that my values were no longer in line with those of society, where everything is based on fear. When I was following a program for myself to rediscover my creativity, I came to the conclusion that I actually had no life of my own and I started to check how much of my time on earth I lived for the approval of others…

I can assure you that this came as a shock!

I actually found out that I had not learned to appreciate and respect myself and thus did not stand up for myself enough. Hard work, make sure that you and your family do not fall short meanwhile unknowingly failing yourself…

To get angry? Not me! Why not? Who claims that…?

To allow emotions, no, that was not an option for me. Follow my heart and intuition, no, I thought I did… and always for the approval of others. Pain and grief– I’ll take that on me, I’ll buffer that. No wonder stress and physical problems appear due to this loss of energy.

People speak quite a lot about the ecology of our planet lately, but my own ecology didn’t look good for quite some time and I had no eye for that, I was not aware of that.

I started asking myself questions about my ecology: ‘What do I want for myself?’, then ‘What do I need?’ and finally ‘What is needed?’.

My ecology: “I am, I am, I am! So it is, and so it will be! ”

And yes, when I learned to reclaim my creativity, I started to rediscover it and therefore I was at the wheel of my life again– instead of being driven by society – and therefor going against the flow. Now I started to see solutions instead of problems. Enough of point my finger at others and stickingmy head in the sand, no, taking responsibility and giving myself full freedom to put mysellf down to earth in a way I finally wanted to: “I am, I am, I am! So it is, and so it will be!”.

Time to allow myself to love – and no, don’t confuse this with selfishness or narcissism – and respect myself. High time to reconnect with the things I lost sight of, again feel a drive waking up every morning and be happy and grateful at the end of each day.

Once I started over to surrender to that and accepted what had been, it became clear to me that I – like all of us – am full of contradictory limiting beliefs that make me drag unnecessary ballast. I’ll spare you all these, though, I’ll give you a threesome as a gift anyway: “I’m not intelligent enough,” “I can’t get angry” and “I will never be good enough’.

It’s a fact that our human brain only absorbes 1% of all the stimuli and the remaining 99% gets in your unconscious mind (ubconscious). So we have the answers in us, but we don’t always have access to them.

To learn to understand that unconsciousness, gain access to it and to make that useful to my self-development, therefore I started to delve into NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – and the Ericksonian Hypnosis, which is the basis of NLP.

Was it by chance that Milton Erickson, the man who created this Hypnosis usually wore purple clothes because this was the only color he could differentiate from others as color blind.

The variant in violet can be found in my logo, as a trio with light blue and gold.

Logo eNeLPee

The violet therefore stands for self-esteem and can evoke feelings of deep relaxation.

The light blue stands for all clear beliefs that come to you: to support you, to give complete freedom, to put you on earth, in he way you want to yourself.

Gold bundles energy, gives a feeling of warmth, love, compassion and helping others.

Saffron flower or MaMo

The variant blue violet can be found on my website. This is the exact color of my amethyst and also the color of the saffron flower – which is then again the meaning of First name Mamo.

And so the circle is complete.

So, this is my very first blog ever and thanks for keeping it up to this point. Maybe it’s up to you to think about your path, or not?

I wish you much color, love and respect on your path!

Let it be above all a path of surrender and grace.

Good luck,