Do you feel the pressure?

Life as an artist can occasionally be lonely, stressful, exhausting, insecure, … This stress, fear, that feeling of being undervalued, … results in bringing the match between your person & being in imbalance and that can lead to burnout & even depression.

At eNeLPee you go inside & you feel what you need to be 1 with yourself & your creations again.

Who are you truly?

At eNeLPee, your mental health as an artist is not a taboo. It = OK to feel ‘different’ and/or ‘trapped’. We work as one to create the life you want, the world in which you want to live.

Do you see the way?

eNeLPee allows you as an artist, to relive that inspiration & creativity, that comes directly in a vertical line from your heart & soul and gives you that liberating feeling again.

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Worlds within our world

I am being shown vast worlds within our world. Little examples I see in my mind’s eye. I am being shown a vision of many trees with their deep root systems, they are all interconnected by fungus and the earth that they are anchored in. Anchored in mother Earth. In the skies above there are

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The heart is my guru.

We think that hate is the opposite of love. When we hate, we still love. When we fear, we are no longer love. Michelle L. Karén When I ask someone, “What do you think is the opposite of LOVE?”, I mostly get the answer: “HATE”. Is this really true? Maybe this is the case in

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To BE or not to BE. Is it really the case that there is either light or darkness? Does darkness even exist? My feeling is that we have been partially served this and that we have accepted it. If I follow my feelings, then there is no darkness, rather un-light. What do I mean by

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Coach Café : Fortunately, I know what I want…?!

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Experience how you can achieve more joy and meaning at work, in your relationships and in your personal development. For all those who want to live consciously in the now after covid-19 and wonder “what do I really want” and “what really makes me happy”? when : Tuesday 15/09/2020 where: Tefo, Handelskaai 48a, 1000 Brussels

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“Home is where the heart is.”

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What I’m writing now, I can and need not explain, words don’t do this justice, you must have felt, felt with all your heart. Feel with all your heart? Yes,there we go again with that spiritual ‘mumbo-jumbo’ or is it something different this time!? And yet – yes, you’re still reading 😉 – I’d like

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