Do you feel the pressure?

As an artist you are by nature often a beautiful and creative soul.

Because of the increasing pressure due to your success, occasionally you can unintentionally end up into a period of lesser creativity.

You no longer feel a match between your personality and your being and you become displeased as a person.

That realization is the first step to your recovery.

Who are you truly?

In a climate of trust, eNeLPee guides you in retrieving your essence, inspired by the love for music and the message that you want to bring to the world through your music.

Do you see the way?

eNeLPee showes how to bring yourself in motion so that you rediscover the access to your inner sources that give you increased inspiration and creativity.

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The Color Purple

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In my quest for my true self over the last few months, the color purple in all its variants – from lavender over violet, magenta, blue violet to indigo – already crossed my path several times. Superstition…? It’s up to you… The amethyst: this purple gemstone has found a place around my neck since a

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